Slaughter Creek Trail


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Hours: Dawn to dusk; temporary trail closures announced on Slaughter Creek Trail Facebook page.

Fees: Free

Parking: Small parking lot on-site

Rules: No dogs allowed. No littering. Pack it in, Pack it out.

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This beautiful and little-known nature trail came about through a partnership between the City of Austin and citizen organizations who funded, built, and now maintain and operate the trail. This land is part of the City’s Water Quality Protection Land (WQPL) program and is managed to protect the quality of the water reaching the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer. The trail is open to hikers, bikers, and horseback riders and allows visitors an opportunity to experience the natural wonders of an Edwards Plateau Savannah.


A healthy oak savanna ecosystem provides the optimum quality and quantity of water to recharge the Aquifer. Active management, including the use of prescribed burns, is used to promote native grasses and wildflowers.

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One of the best tools for private landowners to preserve the natural heritage of their property for future generations is the use of conservation easements: a partnership between private landowners and land trusts or government entities. While families maintain ownership, they sell or donate the right to develop and thereby help keep the land in its natural state in perpetuity. These easements comprise over 60% of the lands protected by the WQPL in the Barton Springs Zone. It should be noted that the Slaughter Creek Trail is not on a conservation easement, but on property owned by the City of Austin.

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Volunteer Info

Save Barton Creek Association

City of Austin Wildland Conservation Division

Austin Parks Foundation

Keep Austin Beautiful


City of Austin Watershed Protection Department

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