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Hours: 8 AM - 6 PM daily

Fees: Children (0-4) Free; Youth (5-12) $5; Adults (13-59) $9; Seniors (60+) & Military $5; Hays County residents $5 | Swimming is allowed ONLY from May 1 through September 30 and By Reservation Only.

Parking: Parking lots on-site.

Rules: No pets except assistance animals. No SCUBA diving; only permitted cave diving research professionals are allowed to dive.

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Jacobs Well
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Jacob’s Well is an artesian spring that emerges from the Trinity Aquifer to form the headwaters of Cypress Creek that flows into the Blanco River. During periods of drought, this river plays a vital role in recharging Barton Springs. Over the course of 3 months, water slowly travels down the Blanco to the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone to surface in Barton Springs.

Wimberley Valley relies on groundwater from the Trinity Aquifer for water supply. Water conservation ensures that all users including humans and ecosystems have enough water, especially during drought conditions.

Jacob's Well
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Jacobs Well Exploration_Jeff C


There is more to Jacob’s Well than meets the eye. Jacob’s Well is the second largest fully submerged cave in the state, measuring 1 mile long and 140 feet deep in places. Researchers continue to explore the Well, creating detailed maps, and providing insight into this hidden world.

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